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Live with British grace and poise

When you think of Britain, what comes to mind may be the way its people carry themselves with a sense of charm and elegance. This unflappable composure allows them to slow down to enjoy a good cuppa and bite to eat, and take the time to enjoy every moment.

Add a touch of English taste

The leisurely English way of living isn’t just about a relaxed pace, but also about emphasising taste and attention to detail. Put quality above quantity at Cityplaza with apparel, accessories, skincare products and even themed knick-knacks, to live better instead of chasing trends.

Timeless and classic indulgences

The Brits love traditions but still embrace innovative changes. From fashion items and grocery essentials to delicacies and desserts, time-honoured quality goes hand in hand with new discoveries.
With over one hundred years of heritage, Marks & Spencer is a popular one-stop shop for all your needs – from fresh food and award-winning wine to wardrobe staples, beauty products and home décor.
Fashion brand COS offers minimalist designs that combine classic craftsmanship and innovative techniques to create functional wardrobe essentials with enduring style.
With a vintage Victorian setting, the shop provides hundreds of traditional British sweets, taking you back to the good old days.

A delicious twist for modern English tastes

Satisfy your appetite for all things Western with Cityplaza’s wide range of dining options, including light snacks, flavourful pizzas, aromatic coffees and teas and more.
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